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Millennials do away with the top sheet: ‘It’s archaic’

Can you really tell someone’s age simply by looking at how they make a bed? Millennials sure think so.
If there’s a top sheet, there’s no way it belongs to one of them, they say.
Millennials are boasting online about how they’ve done away with the standard flat sheet that separates sleepers from their blankets. They say it’s a finicky linen prone to tangles and serves no real purpose.
Plus, it adds an extra step to making the bed.
“Top sheets are archaic. This is just the truth,” read the viral tweet from @jesselynnharte that re-ignited the great top sheet debate.
But of course loyalists have their reasons for sticking with tradition. Primarily, hygiene.
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The top sheet keeps harder-to-launder quilts, blankets and comforters clean. Ditching it is more acceptable with a duvet, they say, because it’s not hard to throw that in the wash.
Plus, a top sheet makes it easier to regulate your sleeping temperature, they say.
We won’t judge you on your top sheet preference. But whether you make your bed or not? That’s a whole other story.

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