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Majority Of Workers Will Check In With The Office On Vacation

MENLO PARK (CBS13) – The majority of workers will check in with the office at some point during their vacation, according to a new survey from the staffing firm Accountemps.
However, age does play a role on who will stay connected. 70% of those age 18-34 will maintain some contact with work, compared to only 39% of those age 55 and older. Overall 56% of all workers will check in from vacation.

24% will check in 1-2 times a week
17% will check in several times a week
11% will check in 1-2 times per day
4% will check in several times a day
44% don’t check in at all.

In 2016 59% of employees said they wouldn’t check in on vacation.
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The survey looked at workers’ vacation habits and found workers will take an average of 9 vacation days this summer.

6% will take 0 days
25% will take 1-5 days
36% will take 6-10 days
19% will take 11-15 days
14% will take 16+ day

Those age 55 and older are the most likely to take 0 days (7%), 11-15 days (20%), an 16+ days (18%). Those ages 18-34 are the most likely to take 1-5 days (31%), and 6-10 days (39%).

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