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Sales tax increase goes to a vote June 5

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) -- Chula Vista residents will head to the polls in June to decide whether or not to pass a new sales tax. Measure A would increase sales tax in the city by half a cent, tying it for the highest sales tax in San Diego County. If passed, the city estimates the sales tax will generate approximately $17 million per year.  City leaders say the tax will be used for public safety and those in favor of the tax increase say it’s much needed. RELATED:  How much you need to earn to buy a home in San Diego County Proponents argue that the city needs more police officers, saying that, despite population growth, the city has fewer officers than in 2007, slowing response times. Supporters of the tax also say the city needs more firefighters to be more efficient. Those against the measure point out the fact that, though leaders say the money will go to public safety, the text of the measure says the proceeds “shall be for unrestricted general revenue purposes.” In other words, the money can be used for any lawful purpose. RELATED: Important dates to keep in mind this election year in San Diego County   Opponents also say, if passed, Chula Vista will be tied for the highest sales tax in the county and that the tax has no end date. The measure goes to the voters during the June 5 primary.

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