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City of San Diego may owe you money

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - The City of San Diego may owe you some of its unclaimed $1.2 million. The funds come from checks that are returned if the addresses are invalid. Checks that remain uncashed after six months become unclaimed monies. Amounts range from $1 to $30,000. We want to refund every single dollar of unclaimed money,” said Cecilia San Pedro, Disbursements Manager for the Office of the City Comptroller. “A simple search is all it takes to verify if you have been issued a check that has gone unclaimed. There is no charge to search the data or to file a claim.” To see if the City owes you money, click HERE . You can submit a claim by printing and completing the Request for Unclaimed Monies form. Send to: City of San Diego, Office of the City Comptroller Unclaimed Monies Claim Processing 202 C St. – Mail Station 7A San Diego, CA 92101 The City will verify claims and send replacement checks in four to six weeks. Anyone who has questions about unclaimed money may call 619-236-6310 or email .   

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