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Bridge: May 22, 2018

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“Never doubt, child,” the Queen of Hearts blustered, “that I’m the most powerful card in Wonderland. No ace or king dares take me.”
“Of course, your majesty,” Alice said politely.
“Think not?” the Queen sneered. “Deal and I’ll prove it.”
So Alice dealt as East, and the Mad Hatter became declarer at six clubs. West, the Dormouse, led the queen of hearts, and the Hatter naturally took dummy’s ace.
“Off with his head,” the Queen of Hearts roared. “How dare he let me be captured?”
The Hatter next led a trump, and when Alice showed out, declarer found to his dismay that the slam was unmakable. If he drew trumps, he would have only 11 tricks. If he tried to set up the hearts first, he would suffer a fatal ruff.
Alice had to admit that South would succeed easily if he let the queen of hearts win. Whatever West led next, South would win six trump tricks and four hearts plus the two side aces.
A diamond lead — hard to find — always beats the slam.
You hold: S A H A K 9 8 3 D 9 7 6 3 C K 9 5. You open one heart, your partner responds one spade, you bid two diamonds and he bids 2NT. What do you say?
ANSWER: This is close. You have an extra high-card point or two, but you lack a stopper in a suit you bid, and partner may have transportation problems in the play. Bid 3NT if vulnerable. You would bid 3NT at any vulnerability on a 14-point hand with more winners: A, K Q J 10 5, J 10 6 3, K 9 5.
East dealer
E-W vulnerable
H A K 9 8 3
D 9 7 6 3
C K 9 5
S Q 10 8 7 5
D K J 10
C 8 7 3 2
S K J 9 6 4 3 2
H 10 6 5 2
D Q 4
C None
S None
H J 7 4
D A 8 5 2
C A Q J 10 6 4
East South West North
Pass 1 C Pass 1 H
Pass 2 C Pass 4 C
Pass 4 D Pass 6 C
All Pass
Opening lead — H Q
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