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Letter: This measure will slaughter San Jose’s dwindling middle class

Measure C slaughters thedwindling middle class
Measure C is a slap in the face to every middle-class citizen in San Jose.
This measure proposes that 50 percent of the housing in designated areas be below market-rate housing. That means that two mid-career teachers could not qualify for subsidized housing. That leaves only the wealthy (who can hold bidding wars over the 50 percent market-rate housing) and the poor and lower-middle class who will be able to afford housing.

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Measure C sets a very dangerous precedent for the type of control that local government is trying to exert over the development of housing in the area. The unintended consequence is a slaughter of the dwindling middle class of San Jose.
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I urge a no vote for Measure C.
Cindy Vinson San Jose
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