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Letter: Persky recall an emotional appeal and a threat to justice

Persky recall an emotional
appeal and threat to justice
Concerning the upcoming vote to recall Judge Aaron  Persky, I urge voters to consider facts because, as the saying goes, facts don’t care about your feelings.
In the official report in People v Turner, the 5 separate and different counts of the event each only required that Mr. Turner register under Penal Code section 290.

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This emotional appeal, which is absent of concrete, factual and law-based evidence, is a direct threat to justice and democracy when an uninformed and/or misinformed population has the political power to recall an individual on grounds that do not constitute the punishment thereof.
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It is dangerous when you decide to seek political retribution on behalf of the victim on an emotional basis. Judge Persky imposed a sentence to Mr. Turner allowed by law and recommended by probation. By voting yes on the recall, you are effectively punishing a man for correctly and lawfully doing his job.
Cameron Kelly
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