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Letter: Judge Becton committed to issues affecting our society

Judge Becton committed to
issues affecting our society
Re: The Contra Costa district attorney election: As a trial judge for 22 years, Diana Becton ruled on far, far more plea bargains than Paul Graves has ever tried cases.

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As Justice Kennedy noted, today pretrial procedure is emphasized in the criminal justice system. Ninety-seven percent of cases do not go to trial. On a daily basis, our sitting district attorney gives approval to pleas submitted to judges who elected her presiding judge for the county. The few trials are conducted by her assistants.
Judge Becton is also committed to issues affecting our society, like bail reform, which Paul Graves does not seem to consider important.
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Please vote to keep her in office to continue her efforts to restore trust, transparency and integrity to it.
Timothy Wise
Walnut Creek
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