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Letter: Palestinians don’t want violence — they want their human rights

Palestinians want and
deserve human rights
Moving the American embassy to Jerusalem was a reckless act that undermines any peace efforts.
President Trump’s statement that he still hopes for a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians is a sham. It’s always “Israel First.” Where is the concern for the Palestinian people? Israel’s use of deadly force against unarmed people is criminal.

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When Jared Kushner smugly shrugged off the massacre at the Gaza border with his comment “those (Palestinians) provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution,” he should have been talking about the Israelis. Israel destroys Palestinian homes and steals Palestinian land. Israel destroys Palestinian families by killing and maiming. Roadblocks, walls, fences control people The whole occupation is a system of violence.
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We must hold Israel accountable for its crimes. Palestinians do not want violence. Like everyone else, they want and deserve their human rights.
Cornelia Van Thiel
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