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Letter: When Measure P is defeated, will Pinole City Council repay costs?

When Measure P is defeated,will City Council repay costs?
I am saddened that the Pinole City Council would waste $30,000 to place Measure P on the ballot, so they “with all of the knowledge” can live in office. How do politicians smile in our faces and look themselves in the mirror knowing they did something as self-centered as this?

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From the vibe of the town, Measure P is going to be defeated soundly. Then what? Can they repay the $30,000? Or are we the people just their collateral damage? Why do the Yes on Measure P signs have no FPPC identification as required? Why did they call my home and ask me, “Do you want to keep special interests out of Pinole?”
The Yes group is sneaky, unethical and shady. Vote no.
Ashley Middleton Pinole
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