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30-Year-Old Son Won’t Move Out, Frustrated NY Parents Say

Though this may seem like a plot for a coming-of-age comedy, two frustrated parents in upstate New York have not found having their 30-year-old son living at home a laughing matter and have turned to the courts in an effort to evict him from their house, multiple media sources report. Christina and Mark Rotondo, of Camillus, New York, have spent months trying to get their adult son, Michael, to move out of their home, reports . Royal Wedding Bishop Wasn't Sure If His Sermon Was a Hit "After a discussion with your Mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately," father Mark Rotondo wrote his son in a letter filed with the court. The parents’ lawyer, Anthony Adorante, said the couple just didn’t know any other way to get him out, according to . Monkey Business Class: Rhesus Macaque Briefly Escapes Cage at Texas Airport In letter after letter, the parents have informed their son they set a deadline for his eviction, gave him life and financial advice (like getting rid of his broken car and selling some of his items) and even offered $1,100 to help him move out. But Michael is staying put. 10 McDonald's Workers File Sex Harassment Claims in 9 Cities Dad Mark’s Feb. 2 letter began an eviction process that has lasted months so far. The eviction process started at the local court and has reached the Onondaga County’s top court, according to . The parents are now seeking a justice in that court to evict Michael. Mom Christina, who owns the family's Weatheridge Drive home, made her intentions clear again in a Feb. 13 letter that in part reads: "Michael Joseph Rotondo, You are hereby evicted from 408 Weatheridge Drive, Camillus, New York effective immediately.” Christina even warned Michael to not resist the eviction. "Any action you take that can be construed as threatening or or prevents or obstructs our ability to use the house or property at 408 Weatheridge Drive as we see fit will result in your immediate removal from the premises," the letter said. In April, the couple went to Camillus town court to try to evict their son. But they were told that it required a Supreme Court justice to remove a family member. According to WTHR , the couple was then informed that since Michael is a family member, they could only have him removed from the home through an ejectment proceeding. So on May 7, the parents filed a petition in the state's court to order their son removed. According to WTHR , Michael contends that the written notices did not provide enough time for him to leave. In a Feb. 13 letter, the parents gave Michael a 30-day deadline to vacate the premises. His most recent filings ask the court to dismiss his parents' request, WTHR reports .

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