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Poll: Who does Brandi Chastain’s Hall of Fame plaque most look like?

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While inducting soccer star Brandi Chastain into its halls with a curious looking plaque, the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame has unintentionally taken over the internet.

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At the very least, opinions of Chastain’s plaque online have managed to silence the Yanny/Laurel debate for a day.
Soccer icon Brandi Chastain’s honorary plaque is seen during the San Francisco Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame induction at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, Calif., on Monday, May 21, 2018. San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Harris Barton,San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain, Golden State Warriors Tim Hardaway and former 49ers executive John McVay were also inducted. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group) 
The new hot question burning up social media today is “Who does Brandi Chastain’s plaque most look like?” The answer is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s one person we all agree it doesn’t look like: Brandi Chastain.
To her credit, San Jose’s Chastain was very kind when asked at the ceremony what she thought of her plaque.
“It’s not the most flattering, but it’s nice,” Chastain said Monday night.
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Is it Brandi Chastain or Gary Busey? Or is it Bill Belichick?

One person hinted Chastain could have done more to deflect attention away from her plaque. As if Chastain stripping down to her sports bra, racing around the room and sliding on her knees in exaltation would make us unsee her supposed likeness.
Then again, no one would have complained.
With apologies to the sculptor, and all in harmless fun, let’s take a look at whose likeness some feel was really captured on Chastain’s BASHOF plaque.

That’s a nice looking Eleanor Roosevelt plaque!
— Andrew (@andrewthejames) May 22, 2018

I'm convinced they used Gary Busey as the model for Brandi Chastain's plaque:
— Alex Gelhar (@AlexGelhar) May 22, 2018

I don't know about Brandi Chastain, but they nailed Mickey Rooney.
— Jason Davis, The 
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