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22-Pound Dumbbell iPhone Case Now For Sale

JAPAN (CBS13) – The latest must-have accessory being sold in Japan is a 22-pound iPhone case.
The case is actually a dumbbell and is designed to be used during a workout. The engineers actually made it to be inclined at 25 degrees– which is optimal for watching movies.
The creator, SoftBank, calls it a “10kg Ultra Super Macho Case” for the iPhone X. It was made for SoftBank’s 10th anniversary and is being sold for about $100.
The page , which is written in Japanese, shows a variety of uses for the dumbbell phone case, including using the dumbbell as a paperweight, a hammer, and a phone stand. It also shows a variety of weightlifters with statements of praise.
Credit: SoftBank
The dumbbell is made of iron, polycarbonate, and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). SoftBank does say it is the world’s heaviest phone case. For reference- the iPhone X weighs 6.14 ounces.

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