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Hayward shooting suspect hit officer with metal bar, police say

HAYWARD — A 15-year veteran police officer has been treated and released after a shooting Tuesday , police said, while the suspect in her assault is in critical but stable condition.
About 7 p.m., police got a call from a resident in the 100 block of Hewitt Place who said they were fighting with a roommate who would not give back car keys and might be under the influence of an illegal drug.
Officers responded and tried to talk to the roommate, but police said they found him uncooperative and unresponsive to commands.
After officers used a Taser on him to no effect, he grabbed a large metal bar from the ground and aimed at an officer, hitting her arm with force.

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The officer drew her sidearm and fired at the suspect, hitting and injuring him, police said. Both were then taken to area hospitals for treatment.
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Hayward cop, suspect injured in officer-involved shooting

Hayward police and the Alameda County district attorney’s office are conducting separate but parallel investigations into the incident, police said.
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