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This is how much space $200K will buy you in SD

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- With the soaring cost of housing across the county, many San Diegans are wondering if they can afford to buy. New data shows what $200K will get you in San Diego compared to other parts of the country.  According to Property Shark , you could, on average, buy a 496 square foot home for $200,000.  The same amount of money would buy you more than 3,300 square feet in El Paso and more than 3,200 in San Antonio. In contrast, $200K only buys you 126 square feet in Manhattan.  Check out the map below for more cities: So what does that actually look like? Zillow has a list of homes you can buy for under $200,000. While some of the properties listed on the site are simply dirt lots (cozy, right?) a majority of the houses for sale under the $200K mark consist of mobile homes.  One of the properties available on Zillow is a two bedroom, one bath 800 square foot condo on the 3400 block of Del Sol Boulevard currently on the market for just under $200K.  If you were to put 20 percent down on a $200,000 30-year mortgage with a 4.6 percent interest rate, your monthly payment would be roughly $822, according to Zillow.  Click here for more listings in San Diego.   

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