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Business Owner Doxxed Over Utility Box Art Spat

In the week since she stood before the Eureka City Council to lament the brightly painted utility box out in front of her business, Molly Green has received a lot of backlash, some from thousands of miles away. The rift began when Green showed up at her business near Fifth and G streets in Eureka — SCRUB Spa and Event Venue — to find that, without her advance knowledge or approval, the utility box out front had been painted with a bright, whimsical mural titled “Cat Food” that featured a variety of food-shaped felines. A few days later, Green voiced her displeasure to the Eureka City Council, calling the mural a “really large, ugly, poorly done eyesore” and threatening to campaign vigorously against each of the council members unless they did something to make the mural go away. The Lost Coast Outpost ran a story headlined “Outraged Eureka Business Owner Convinces City to Cover Cat Painting Right Meow” about Green’s heated council comments a couple of days later, detailing her frustration and the city’s subsequent move to paint over and replace the mural. The post ended up on the front page of Reddit, an American social news aggregation and discussion website, with a note revealing all of Green’s personal contact information. In an interview with Green, she played the Journal a voicemail a New York in which an unidentified man refers to her as a “cunt,” “a moron” and “uptight.” “Congratulations now everyone in every fucking state know what a piece of shit you are. From California to New York” he said. In regard to the public backlash, Green wanted to clarify that she supports local art. “I absolutely am a supporter of local art,” she said. “Yes I was angry but I don’t think people realize the emotion it takes to get up there and stand up for yourself. Our city officials should be supporting business as well as try to grow the arts community.” Green added that she doesn’t even oppose the utility art box project, just the idea that boxes would be reimagined without input from those they may impact. “There is no opposition whatsoever to there being art on the box, I was opposed to the idea that as the business owner that [the city] didn’t consult me or what type of effect this might…

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