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Tensions Rise In Protests Outside Vulnerable Congressman’s Office Ahead Of Election

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Tensions are on the rise outside of a congressman’s office just two weeks before Election Day.
A few dozen protesters have been outside Rep. Tom McClintock’s office every Tuesday and Thursday for about a month. They’re part of a series of protests that have dogged the congressman since President Donald Trump’s election in 2016.
In recent weeks, a group of anti-protesters are joining them and many are afraid if the tensions aren’t addressed soon, someone can get seriously injured.
Video of a man in a red hat addressing protesters as “scumbags” shows part of what protesters say is a small group of harassing counterprotesters. The man can be seen in the video shouting personal insults and gay slurs.
Richard Martin lives nearby. He was not aware of the protest, but had heard of the rising tensions and what was being directed toward the protesters.
“Ninety-five percent of them are elderly women, probably 65 years or older, and they’re literally just peacefully protesting, standing on the street holding signs and they are being physically and verbally harassed,” he said.
Barbara Brass with the Rat Pack Group says she respects freedom of speech rights, but says it’s gotten out of hand, with a woman’s had and glasses being knocked off her face.

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