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Letter: Lynn Mackey understands the rewards and challenges of being a teacher

Lynn Mackey understands the rewards and challenges of being a teacher
Lynn Mackey, currently deputy superintendent, has shown her devotion and skills in working with the 17 school districts in Contra Costa County. She understands the rewards and challenges of being a teacher, having started 21 years ago as a teacher in our juvenile jail.

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Mackey has managed education programs and curricula including special education, early learning and alternative and adult education. She shares the values of her educational leaders and teachers, and she will work to ensure all children have equal opportunities to learn so that they have the skills needed to prosper in life. She knows how to provide teachers and administrators with the tools they need to improve student learning outcomes.
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Please vote for Lynn Mackey on June 5.
Barbara Diskowski
Retired teacher
Walnut Creek
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