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Letter: Allen supporters demand an end to sanctuary-state policies

Allen supporters demand an
end to sanctuary-state policies
You may have seen us waving American flags and banners at highway overpasses, handing out flyers at local events and rallying with the largest and loudest presence at the recent debate in downtown San Jose. We are Travis Allen supporters, grassroots individuals committed to electing the candidate best qualified to lead California.

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That’s why it was so disappointing to hear that President Trump — whom many of us got out into the streets to support — decided to endorse John Cox for California governor, someone who didn’t even vote for Trump in 2016.
Though most are not wealthy, Allen supporters are high on enthusiasm. Throughout California, we have flocked to city and county meetings to demand an end to sanctuary-state policies that impair our economy and allow the release of violent felons into our communities.
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We remain committed to taking California back, and restoring the California dream. Travis Allen 2018!
Barbara Grant
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