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Frantic 911 calls from last weekend’s cougar attack near Seattle

Thirty shocking minutes of 911 calls from last weekend’s fatal cougar attack outside Seattle were released this week, including a frightening plea for help from the victim followed by confusion over his whereabouts as first responders tried to come to his rescue.
The cell-phone calls after the attack, which occurred Saturday in the mountains near North Bend, suggests a frantic scene in the minutes just after Isaac Sederbaum was attacked by the animal. He called 911 while he was fleeing on his bike, his face, head and neck mangled by the animal. He was unable to give them with his exact location. Related Articles

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“Help, I got attacked by a mountain lion,” Sederbaum tells the dispatcher. “I’m near Mt. Si.”

The Seattle Times reported that the first call for help to the King County Sheriff’s Office, at 10:42 a.m., came from Sederbaum, a 31-year-old from Seattle whose ear was mangled and his head, face and neck bloodied after he was jumped by the cat. Sederbaum had been riding his bicycle down a secluded logging road in the Cascade Mountain range, looking for cellphone coverage. The call gets through for a second, said the report, just enough to register with the dispatcher, but then suddenly ends. Five minutes later, Sederbaum tries again. Again, it lasts only a second.
“Then,” said the report, ” at 10:54, a call lasts long enough for the dispatcher to hear wind in the background and one scream: “Help!” Then that call is also lost.

Sederbaum had ridden his bike down the mountain trying to find help for his riding companion, S.J. Brooks, 32, of Seattle. After the cougar attacked Sederbarum the animal went after Brooks. As the calls continued, with the help of a motorist waved down by Sederbaum, authorities finally zeroed in on the location. But Sederbaum’s mountain biking partner had already been mauled to death.
“When police and wildlife officials got to the scene of the attack, the cougar was standing over Brooks’ body,” according to report in the local “The animal ran up into a tree, and was later shot and killed by state wildlife officials. The male cougar was underweight and had below average fat stores, according to state officials.”
Cougar attacks are very rare in Washington. The Patch report said that over the past 100 years, Brooks is only the second person to die from such a mauling.

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