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Golf: Holes-In-One

Gary McCants: The Bridges GC, No. 17, 177 yards, 5 wood.
Donald Gamberutti: Darkhorse GC, No. 6, 101 yards, sand wedge.
Jan Schults: Deer Ridge GC, No. 13, 84 yards, 9-iron.
Enrique Velasco: Gavilan GC, No. 5, 140 yards, driver.
Earl Berg: Lone Tree GC, No. 5, 105 yards, pitching wedge.
Bob Hennessey: Lone Tree GC, No. 5, 105 yards, sand wedge.
Tony Velichko: Poplar GC, No. 5, 160 yards, 5 hybrid.
Chris Jensen: Poppy Ridge GC, Chardonnay course, No. 3, 140 yards, 3 wood.
Marc Raynor: Rossmoor GC, Dollar Ranch course, No. 4, 148 yards, 9-iron.
Paul Darling: Spring Hills GC, No. 9, 167 yards, 8-iron.
Catherine Parsons: Spring Valley GC, No. 7, 135 yards, 9 wood.
Steve Pestana: Summit Point GC, No. 13, 143 yards, 9-iron.
Simon Plaza: Sunnyvale GC, No. 13, 194 yards, 5 wood.
Bob Dilfer: Sunnyvale GC, No. 15, 171 yards, 2 hybrid.
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