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Point Loma residents upset over painted lamps

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Point Loma residents are upset after the city decided to paint portions of iconic lamp posts bright yellow.  The lamp posts, residents say, are a defining feature of the quaint neighborhood of Loma Portal.  One resident took to the neighborhood app Nextdoor Wednesday to proclaim that the city should be more concerned about the community’s crumbling sidewalks and streets that are “screaming for maintenance.” Another resident walking his dog early Wednesday morning said he thinks the lamp posts are iconic to the neighborhood. The city responded to complaints, saying they are only painting the bases of the lamp posts yellow and adding reflectors. The city says, due to the location of the posts in the middle of the street, people have crashed into the lamps with their vehicles, leading to power outages. The city added that the measure is for public safety and that the move will help prevent people from crashing into the posts in the future.

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