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Highlights from 49ers state-of-franchise show

SAN JOSE — Here is a running thread of what’s going down Wednesday night at the 49ers second annual State of the Franchise address, being held at the California Theater:
— Levi’s Stadium changes: More signage drawing on the 49ers’ storied past, at a cost of over $10 million. Guido apologizes for the first year of parking and transportation issues, and claims the 49ers are in the top 5 for exiting a stadium, as well as in fan satisfaction. The multi-use development next door should enhance the game-day experience in future years, once it’s completed (and started). Levy Restaurants, the “best in the business,” has been hired to help reverse fans’ dissatisfaction over food and beverage.
— Andy Lansing of Levy Restaurants warms up the crowd by saying 49ers legacy is second to none. OK, so what’s going to improve the stadium menu’s legacy? More local flavor, more pop-ups.
— Team president Al Guido announces Levi’s Stadium will be sold out for every game for its fifth straight year of existence.
— “Jimmy’s the G.O.A.T.!” a fan shouted at the end of York’s video interview. Anyone here remember a QB named Joe?
— A pre-recorded interview with CEO Jed York opened the show. York commended the relationship between coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch. As for the offseason moves, York said: “Honestly it goes back to everybody being on the same page. Kyle has a clear vision what he wants this team to be about, and John and the personnel department find the right pieces.”
This season’s goal: “Honestly it’s about getting better each and every day. Last year, no one would say 6-10 would be exciting. But if you looked at ours and winning 6 of the last 7 .. ..” York apologized for not being present; he was at owners meeting in Atlanta and heading next to Ohio for his mother’s annual charity dinner and auction in Ohio.
— About 2,000 fans packed in and celebrated with applause when it was mentioned that Reuben Foster should rejoin the team Thursday. A few hours earlier, his domestic-violence charge was dismissed in Santa Clara County Superior Court.
— Team mascot Sourdough Sam warmed up the crowd by spitting into the mic.

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