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Toasty Temps Thursday With High Between 95 & 100 In The Valley – July 11, 2018

We are looking at some pretty toasty temperatures again between 95 and 100. The north end of the valley will be north of 100 degrees. We may have a little smoke up there toward Redding and Red Bluff from the Klamathon Fire. And we are seeing some things firing up in the high country in the form of some showers and some thunderstorms.
Sacramento-area 7-Day Weather Forecast
The monsoon is starting to kick in just a little bit and at this point, it looks like it’s from about Yosemite down to the south. We’re going to see a little more widespread thunderstorm potential as we go on through the next couple of days that are probably spread up to run around the Lake Tahoe area for tomorrow.

It will continue to increase that thunderstorm potential as we head on into the weekend. We’ll probably see temperatures tomorrow between about 98 and 102 and potentially by Friday a little bit of cooling could get in here for maybe a day where we could be in the mid-90s. And then we’re back to the upper 90s and low and hundreds. It is July, so brace yourself for that. We’re right in the middle of the month and we’re right in the middle of a classic July weather.
Showers and storms from about Lake Tahoe to the south for tomorrow. And, of course, we have another shot of that as we go on into our Friday. So we’re hopeful that that combined with just maybe a bit of a week onshore flow may help to cool down just a little bit. Daytime highs tomorrow 98 to about 102 so we’re going to have a hot Thursday, some thunderstorms possible up there in the high country and some patchy morning fog over toward the coast partial afternoon clearing and highs near San Francisco and Monterey right around the 70-degree mark.

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