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Parents call for FBI to investigate son's murder

CLAREMONT, Calif. -- A family wants the FBI to get involved after their son was stabbed to death in Mexico, according to KABC. Their son was in Mexico celebrating a friend’s birthday when he was killed, and now his family believes the Mexican government is trying to cover up the murder. Taylor Meyer left for Mexico for his friend’s 30th birthday. Photos show the 27-year-old having a good time with his friend’s in Playa Del Carmen. On Friday, his parents got a call informing them their youngest son had been murdered. They first thought it was a cruel hoax, but later discovered it was real. Kris and Krista Meyer say their son was stabbed to death and that a witness told police that three people carried out the attack, taking his wallet, shoes, watch and iPhone. The couple is now searching for answers and wants the FBI to investigate. They say that Mexican authorities are trying to cover up the murder so not to scare tourists away. Sunday, 200 of Meyer’s friends gathered at Hermosa Beach for a candlelight vigil to remember the fun, loving man who brought so many of them together.

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