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Letter: Poor forest management lies east of California, in D.C.

Poor forest managementlies east of California, in D.C.
Re: “Trump blames poor forest management” (, Nov. 11):
Anyone left feeling there may have been a residue of truth in President Trump’s claim that California is to blame for not properly managing its forests should turn to the BBC (, starting at 3:46 into the clip). The interview runs 4:30 in length and is a must-hear for any confused by the president’s ill-informed rhetoric.
There, in a short interview with Rich Gordon, CEO of the California Forestry Association, we learn that 60 percent of California’s forests is owned by the federal government and only 2 percent by the California state government, and the balance is private. Related Articles

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Yes, forests have become overgrown, but it would appear that 60 percent of the problem lies a good deal east of California.
James Bangsund San Jose
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