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Photos: Monaco’s royal family, now and then

Monaco’s royal family — including a passel of pre-schoolers —  turned out Monday for the commemoration of National Day.
The three children of the late Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly appeared before the public with their own children — ages 3 to 34 — and some of Caroline’s seven grandchildren.
The family:
Prince Albert : The 60-year-old reigning monarch was married in 2011 to Charlene Wittstock, now 40. They have 3-year-old twins, Jacques and Gabriella.  Although their daughter is older by two minutes, it is the boy who is heir to the throne.
Albert has acknowledged two older children from non-marital relationships: Jazmin, 26, and Alexandre, 15. Both bear his family name, Grimaldi.
Princess Caroline , 61: Her first marriage ended in 1980, without children. With her second husband, Stefano Casiraghi, she had three children:

Andrea, now 34, is married to American-born socialite Tatiana Santo Domingo. They have three children: Sasha, 5; India, 3; and Max, 7 months.
Charlotte, 32, has two children, Raphael, 4, and Balthazar, 1 month. They have different fathers, to whom she was not married.
Pierre, 31, is married to journalist Beatrice Borromeo. Their children are Stefano, 20 months, and Francesco, 5 months.

Casiraghi died at age 30 in a speedboat accident in 1990. Caroline has been married since 1999 to Ernst August, who claims the throne of the defunct kingdom of Hanover. They have one child, Princess Alexandra, age 19.
Princess Stephanie , 53, has three children. From her 18-month marriage to Daniel Ducruet, which ended in divorce in 1996, are son Louis, 25, and daughter Pauline, 24. Her bodyguard fathered Camille Gottlieb, 20. Stephanie had no children from her second marriage, which lasted from 2002 to 2004.

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