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Letter: Kindness is finding we’re all lovely however we are

Kindness is finding we’re
all lovely however we are
Re: “San Simeon beached with elephant seals” (Page F8, Jan. 6):
Natural creatures/life are not ugly, awkward. Like you and me, they are as they ought to be.
Teaching people to see any creature as wrongly done, unacceptable to human eyes — well, I hate that the media does that, a lot.
Whether a natural life form is ugly or not is the wrong assessment to make. Just think how ugly, blubbery, awkward you and I appear. If other creatures make this kind of assessment — which I think they don’t — how ugly we must appear to them.
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Part of teaching ourselves to be kind is to find that we are all lovely however we are. Our enemies are portrayed as “ugly” so we can readily step on and squish them, poison them, bomb them.
Norma J. F. Harrison
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