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Lincoln Police Department Reaches Milestone

LINCOLN (CBS13) — The Lincoln Police Department can now say it’s fully staffed.
It’s been a roller-coaster ride for LPD who has hit several roadblocks trying to fill authorized positions.
Aside from retirements and layoffs, the department has been working against a low number of possible recruits.
One of many reasons, the narrative surrounding anti-law enforcement sentiment. Needless to say, the department has felt the effects of an incomplete team.
Chief Doug Lee put it this way, “In a small department like this, even one vacancy is felt throughout the department. It costs us more money if someone does take the day off, we have to often fill that with overtime.”
But earlier this week, that all changed with the swearing in of officers Dan Searlie and Korean native, Laura Savage.
“It feels like a dream come true,” says Savage. “It’s been a long time waiting through all this hard work. I’m really excited.”

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