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SWAT team arrests domestic violence suspect in San Mateo

A SWAT team operation in San Mateo early Wednesday morning ended with a domestic violence suspect in custody, police said.
The SWAT team served arrest and search warrants for Demarea Atkinson, 26, at his home on the 100 block of South Norfolk Boulevard around 5 a.m. Wednesday.
Atkinson was wanted on charges that he threatened his girlfriend with a gun during “a violent struggle” earlier this month at Ryder Court Park, officer Michael Haobsh said.
Demarea Atkinson San Mateo Police
Atkinson’s arrest warrant accuses him of domestic violence, threats, brandishing a firearm and carrying a loaded firearm.
Photos released by San Mateo police show officers from the North Central Regional SWAT team, which includes personnel from seven San Mateo County police departments, wearing tactical gear and standing on an armored truck during the pre-dawn operation.
Atkinson was arrested without incident, police said.

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