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Letter: Don’t build more turnouts; Diablo cyclists can pull over

Don’t build more turnouts;
Diablo cyclists can pull over
Re: “Wanted: Drivers who’ve followed slow-moving cyclists on Mount Diablo” (Letter to the editor, March 6):
I have been there and just tailed them until I could pass safely or until (very rarely) the rider pulled over to let me by.
It does not bother me much. It is a slow road anyway and they have a right to the road also.
However, slow-moving vehicles are supposed to pull over when they build up a line of vehicles behind them, though in 50 years, I have seen that enforced just once. In the same way, cyclists should be required to let cars pass by pulling over when that’s the only way for the car to pass.
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Building more turnouts will not help when the ones that are there are not being used. I suspect that signage asking bicyclists to pull over to let cars pass would be more effective than building more turnouts.
Niall MacDonagh
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