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Letter: PG&E ads a reprehensible use of funds; stop them

PG&E ads a reprehensible
use of funds; stop them
Re: “Judge orders new vegetation safety measures for PG&E” (Page A1, March 7):
In reading in the Mercury News that Judge Alsop has ordered PG&E to “stop paying shareholder dividends and focus its resources on managing the vegetation around its power lines to stave off more deadly wildfires,” I would like to also strongly suggest that PG&E be stopped from all its advertising to the general public both on TV and in print, about “all they are doing” to protect our state and its people.
This advertising is reprehensible and an irresponsible use of PG&E’s funds in light of its enormous safety obligations as detailed by Judge Alsop.
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Can we please stop PG&E from all this costly and phony advertising along with stopping them from paying shareholder dividends?
Harriet Fernandez
San Jose
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