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Letter: Fremont homeless motel has one big problem

Fremont homeless motel
has one big problem
Re: “ Fremont to temporarily house homeless in motel slated for redevelopment ” (, March 6):
I just wanted to say that this program that the city of Fremont is implementing sounds like a great idea.
I love that in addition to housing, it will be offering space to service providers to support residents staying at the motel. This short-term solution to the homeless issue in Fremont will help a limited amount of families and individuals.
My concern is that the city of Fremont and other cities are not implementing strategies that address the root causes of homelessness, such as mental health and substance abuse.
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I am happy to see cities getting creative as they search for solutions to address homelessness, but I just worry that the root causes are not being looked at to ensure long-term stability for those dealing with homelessness.
Skye Vallejos
San Jose
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