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Stunt to impress girlfriend backfires on Carmel beach

A young man who attempted to drive on the beach early Saturday morning got stuck for seven hours, said police in Carmel by the Sea.
“What not to do: Drive car on beach to impress girlfriend,” said a post on the police Facebook page. A photo shows the car sunk to its axles in the white sand, as the young man and his companion gaze at it.
A local resident commenting on the post said she had encountered the driver — “sweet kid, from San Jose,” she said — around 7:30 a.m., two hours after his car became stuck.
Widely spaced boulders at the end of the parking area are intended to keep cars off the beach, but the man was apparently able to drive through a gap.
It could have been worse: The car was mired far enough from the water that it wasn’t inundated by the high tide shortly before noon.

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