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Metro Fire Demonstrate Real-Life Dangers Of Parking Near Fire Hydrants

SACRAMENTO  (CBS13) — Parking your car in the wrong place could cost someone their life or their home in an emergency.
Over the weekend, Sacramento Metro Fire posted a photo on social media, showing how crews had to maneuver around a vehicle parked illegally in front of a fire hydrant.

Monday, Metro Fire crews set an empty South Sacramento house on fire as a training exercise. While they focused on perfecting their life-saving techniques, they also wanted to remind the average citizen of another important lesson.
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“We need every second we can. And, we should not have to waste that because of a vehicle illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant,” said a firefighter.
It happens all too often and firefighters are forced to waste time dealing with the vehicle instead of attacking the fire.
Anaheim Fire and Rescue shared pictures of the lengths firefighters went to when a vheicle got in their way. They busted the windows and threaded the hose through the car.

Ever wonder what happens when a car is parked in front of a fire hydrant and a fire breaks out? Is a closer parking spot worth the broken windows and the citation and towing fees to @AnaheimPD ? @City_of_Anaheim residents please do not park in fire lanes
— Anaheim Fire & Rescue (@AnaheimFire) February 26, 2019

While the empty house in South Sacramento kept burning, Metro Fire showed the impact an illegally parked car can have on the fire fight.
It’s something everyone should keep in mind while parking because next time it may bot be an empty home that’s burning. It could be your home.
The California Vehicle Code requires vehciles to be parked at least 15 feet from a fire hydrant, even if there are not red lines painted on the sidewalk.

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