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Letter: Palo Alto unbalanced with no artists, no free spirits

Palo Alto unbalanced with
no artists, no free spirits
Re: “Palo Alto at nearly 3 times the size?” (Page A1, March 7):
Triple the population of Palo Alto? Bring it on!
I recently visited Austin, Texas. There are musicians, bakers, farmers, sailors, etc. Young people, normal people.
I’ve lived in Palo Alto for 55 years. The culture of Palo Alto has changed in that time. Until visiting Austin, I didn’t grasp just how unbalanced this area is and how bereft of soul and spirit it has become.
A healthy human community needs people from all walks of life, all of them. We have no artists, no musicians, no gardeners, no philosophers, no free spirits.
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Those people don’t make a lot of money, but they provide invaluable intangibles to the health of a community. I want that back and if it takes tripling the population of Palo Alto, so be it.
Deborah Goldeen
Palo Alto
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