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Letter: Kensington’s cowboy cops ungoverned and ungovernable

Kensington’s cowboy cops
ungoverned, ungovernable
Re: “ Off-duty East Bay cop makes citizen’s arrest of public official he claims assaulted him ” (, March 7):
The disturbing tactics recently employed by an off-duty Kensington police officer against the same town’s manager are a direct affront to the principle of civilian control of law enforcement.
For decades, Kensington’s police board has struggled to address a somber truth it can no longer afford to conceal: a cowboy police force that is ungoverned and ungovernable.
If the current police board cannot provide effective oversight of its unraveling police department, it has a fiduciary obligation to temporarily cede oversight to a state or federal law enforcement agency that can better monitor the delivery of police services and restore public confidence.
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Until then, Kensington’s police officers will continue to answer to no one but themselves.
Vanessa Cordova
Former Director
Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District Board

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