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Toddler Reunites With Doctors Who Saved Her Life

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A Rocklin family reunited with the doctors that saved their young daughter from choking to death on a pellet from an airsoft gun, Tuesday.
The little girl’s mom said it went from the worst day to the best day all in one blink of an eye. Her young daughter went from playing to choking to making a pretty remarkable recovery.
There were moments that the Sutter Medical Center doctors did not think the 18-month-old would make it. Rushed to Sutter Sacramento from Roseville, Genevieve Sayer was barely breathing. Her airway was blocked by a small airsoft gun pellet.
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Her parents say a container of the pellets had spilled on the floor months earlier, but even after vacuuming many times, one remained and Genevieve swallowed it.
“She made a noise that I will never forget, went limp and blue and purple,” said Genevieve’s mom.
The staff at Sutter Sacramento pulled out all of the stops, ordering an operating room to be cleared out for Genevieve. Doctors successfully removed the object but said it was difficult because it was small, round and hard.
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Tuesday, was a day of celebration and proved to be an emotional reunion for the family and their heroes.
Pediatric Surgeon Joy Graf said cases like Genevieve’s are exactly why she went into medicine.
“It’s very gratifying. We’re lucky we do what we do, you know what could be better?” she said.
Genevieve’s parents said their little girl is back to her normal, feisty self. They said this was a traumatic reminder of just how fast accidents can happen.

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