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Parents allowed to bid for teachers. The teachers aren’t pleased.

An Oregon PTA has apologized for letting parents pay for the privilege of picking their child’s teacher.
At the fund-raising auction this month for Portland’s Markham Elementary, a spur-of-the-moment item was added: Submit the high bid, and get to pick your kid’s teacher for next year.
Six parents bid a combined $1,300 to win the item, the Oregonian reports .
Five days later, the PTA president sent an apologetic email saying that the deal was being rescinded because of complaints from teachers.
“We understand the concerns that have been raised around this auction item and the equity of allowing a small number of parents to pay for a choice of teacher,” Alissa Maxwell wrote, according to the Oregonian.
In addition to the issue of inequity, teachers reportedly complained about the auctioneer’s comment suggesting bidding would be more competitive for grades in which there were undesirable teachers.

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