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Gunman kill at least 8 in Brazil school shooting

By Siobhan O’Grady and Marina Lopes | Washington Post
At least eight people were killed in Brazil on Wednesday after two young men, wearing hoods and carrying guns, opened fire at a school near the southeastern city of Sao Paulo.
“It is the saddest scene I have seen in my whole life,” Joao Doria, governor of Sao Paulo state, said at a news conference afterward. “These teenagers were brutally assassinated.”

Witnesses said the shooting started during the school’s morning recess. Lunch lady Silmara Cristina Silva de Moraes, 54, helped hide 50 children in the cafeteria. “We opened the kitchen and started to put as many children as we could inside, closed everything and told them to lie on the ground,” she told local newspaper G1. “It was terrifying because it was a lot of shots, a whole lot of shots and a lot of panic.”
Police said in a statement that the shooters later killed themselves, Reuters reported. Police also said that five of the victims were children and that the other victims included an adult working at the school and a bystander.
Mass shootings are rare in Brazil, but they are growing more common. In December, a man fatally shot four people outside a cathedral in Sao Paulo before killing himself. Brazil’s last school shooting was in 2011, when a former student opened fire at a school in Rio de Janeiro.
The shooting comes as Brazilians are calling for looser gun laws to arm themselves amid a deadly crime wave. Brazil’s new right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, passed a decree earlier this year making it easier for the average citizen to own a gun.

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