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Exclusive Interview: Man Who Chased Stolen Vehicle During Pursuit Claims He Wanted Suspect’s Insurance Information

PANORAMA CITY (CBSLA) – It was one of the most violent police chases in years: A driver plowed into two cars before surrendering to police. But when he hit a pickup truck, that driver started following him – all while police were on his and the suspect’s heels.
The bizarre chase through the streets of Los Angeles on March 4 left police trying to get the driver of a Corolla to pull over for nearly an hour.
During the pursuit, the suspect crashed twice, with both collisions caught on camera.
The driver of an SUV was knocked unconscious. Then, minutes later, the suspect slammed into a white van in an intersection before nearly hitting a group of pedestrians in a cross walk.
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Then the suspect smashed into Eddy Lufti’s pickup before taking off yet again.
“I either sit here and cry like a baby in my diapers or start calling for help – or I at least get his license plate number, so I decided to go after him,” he said.
Many viewers were left wondering who the driver of the truck was and why he was following the suspect.
“I just wanted some information at least to turn in to the insurance and say, ‘Hey, look it was a mishap or not’ but at least to have something to give to my insurance,” Lufti said.
Lufti claims, at first, he had no idea police were chasing him – until his friends called him.
“I said, ‘Hey, guys, let me call you back, I’m chasing this guy down that hit my car.’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, we know, we’ve been watching you.’ I said, ‘Watching what?'” he said.
Sure enough, Lufti became part of the pursuit. At that point, he said he was trying to get out, but the suspect allegedly kept blocking him.
Finally, the suspect pulled over and surrendered – and so did Lufti, who was detained and let go.
He said it was an experience he will never forget.
“Not recommended. Absolutely not, never would do it again,” he said.
Lufti was not charged but is expected back in court this summer when he could be cited.

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