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The Salted Pig expects to move to Riverside’s Main Street pedestrian mall in July

It’s been a year since Ronaldo Fierro announced that he would move his downtown Riverside gastropub The Salted Pig into urban lofts on the Main Street Pedestrian Mall.
Since then, Fierro’s plans have gotten bigger.
Fierro now plans to open a second eatery across the mall from The Salted Pig’s future home on the ground floor of the Imperial Hardware Lofts.
His company Fierro Foods has signed a lease 540 square feet formerly occupied by Salad Buzz in the California Tower. The new business will serve quick service breakfasts.
“It’s going to be mostly kitchen. You’ll walk in. There’ll be a small counter. You’ll order, pick up at a window, and you’re off to work.” The menu will include breakfast burritos, sandwiches and “anything you can hold in your hand and eat with relative ease.”
He expects construction to begin in May with a target of opening in mid- to late fall.
An artist’s rendering shows the interior of the new location of The Salted Pig to open on Riverside’s Main Street Pedestrian Mall. (Courtesy of The Salted Pig)
Meanwhile, plans are firming up to open the new location of The Salted Pig in July. Fierro said he will shut down the original restaurant on 12th Street about a week before the move to give his staff time to adjust to the new building.
“Even though it’s an existing restaurant with an existing staff, when you go into a new space it might as well be another world,” he said.
Orange County developer Ratkovich Properties chose The Salted Pig to anchor its urban lofts, built on the site of a 1900 retail building. It left the Art Deco facade of the older building standing at the space to be occupied by the gastropub while the rest of the existing building was demolished.
Residents began moving into the apartments in August , and Fierro was originally shooting for a soft opening in the new space at that time. But he decided to enlarge his dining room to have a total of 50-60 seats more than the 12th Street restaurant, which seats 100. That change pushed back the opening indefinitely.
“We went from 2,500 square feet to 3,500 square feet, and that doesn’t include 800 to 1,000 square feet of patio we’re going to have as well. … We expanded the space, so we had to redesign the space,” he said.
“We’re in full-blown construction right now. I’d say we’re about 40-50 percent done with our buildout.”
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Fierro has qualified as a City Council candidate for Ward 3. His businesses, which include the cocktail bar W. Wolfskill, are in Ward 1. The deadline to vote in the all-mail election is June 4.
Ratkovich Properties is looking for other food tenants for Imperial Hardware Lofts, president Cliff Ratkovich said in an email.
Two weeks ago a taproom called Retro Taco opened next door to the future home of the The Salted Pig in a different historical building.

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