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Letter: Trump attacks on McCain may indicate mental illness

Trump attacks on McCain
may indicate mental illness
Re: “ Trump again takes aim at John McCain over dossier, prompting rebuke from Meghan McCain ” (, March 17):
Unbelievable! Embarrassing! Un-presidential! Unacceptable! What other words can we send to the president in disapproval of his remarks about John McCain?

Trump’s current behavior may well suggest that he is on his way to full blown mental illness. Surely he realizes the irony of his disparagement of a true war hero when his own father secured a diagnosis of bone spurs that helped Trump get a medical exemption as a “favor” from a shameless doctor who, in exchange, got access to the elder Trump, his landlord.
For the first time, I want to join those who are backing impeachment. I do not want to wait to vote against him in 2020. Too much damage could happen now under the leadership of an impetuous, self-absorbed and vengeful man.
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Ronald Reagan must be roiling in his grave. Tragic!
Vilma Pallette
Santa Clara
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