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Letter: Appalling response of critics of ‘tiny homes’ proposal

‘Tiny homes’ plan critics:
What would you suggest?
I’ve been appalled at the response of the various neighborhoods to the “tiny homes” proposal to provide bridge housing for our homeless.
Many of the critics of this program are the very ones who complain that the city isn’t doing anything to address the problem. If there ever was an example of NIMBY, this is it. I would ask those who are so vehemently opposed, what would you recommend?
Perhaps these opponents could develop a better perspective by actually volunteering in their community rather than taking pot shots at every proposed solution that our city government offers.
Our community is made stronger by the collective efforts of everyday folks trying to make this a better place to live, whether that includes tutoring at a local library or volunteering to work at a food bank.
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I expect much more thoughtful compassion from all of us.
Jeff Levine
San Jose
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