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Letter: Toxic adolescent stress on the rise in Fremont school

Toxic adolescent stress on
the rise in Fremont school
I am a high-school student in Fremont working on a project on toxic adolescent stress.
I go to Irvington High School and two years ago there was a study taken at my school that determined our school’s students had worse stress levels than medical school students. This year, researchers came back and found the stress level had gone up since last they’d checked.
The competitive nature of Irvington High School seems detrimental to almost all our students; some people I know have been growing gray hair.
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We need to reduce the homework levels, and increase school hours so students can actually finish their work during the school day and not have to stay up all hours of the night then go to school with rings under their eyes the next day. Consequently, the pay for our teachers would need to go up to make up for the extra hours.
Rhys Calbreath
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