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Bizzare Burglary: Thieves Take Off With Emu Eggs And Rabbit From Petting Zone

MODESTO (CBS13) — A frustrated Modesto Farmer was left with many questions after a bizarre burglary at his popular petting zoo. Late last week someone stole some emu and goose eggs as well as a rabbit and cage, ruining the educational experience for hundreds of children over the weekend.
Farmer John Bos said the crime felt like “a like a shot to the heart.” It happened sometime late Thursday night or early Friday morning at a farm he has operated in Modesto for the last 13 years.
Among the unusual stolen items were four emu eggs, three goose eggs, the pallet box they were displayed in. The burglars also too a black bunny in its new cage and a bag of food.
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Bos had bought the bunny just the week before at a fundraiser to support the arts at a nearby high school.
“You know, we are coming up on Easter,” Bos said. “Someone either needed a pet really badly or they’re gonna sell it somewhere.”
The rabbits and the eggs were all part of Baby Animal Days at the farm, which draws hundreds of children every year.
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“This is a family-fun experience and educational tour, and the parents are as excited or even more excited than the kids themselves,” Bos said.
For now, the exhibit is left with a huge hole and just one remaining emu egg, which has left Bos debating whether he should even place it on display. Luckily the Tuolumne County woman who supplied him with the emu eggs has offered to replace them in time for the busy Easter weekend.
“Now I feel a little gun shy putting anything back in this area,” Bos said.
As a result of this bizarre burglary, Bos said he’s now installing security cameras.

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