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Miss the superbloom? California’s wildflower show about to enter its second act

If you somehow slept through the last 30 days and missed the wildflower superblooms that turned California’s deserts into one sprawling and heavily edited Instagram shot, it’s time to wake up and head to the high country.
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After plastering the Golden State’s lower altitudes from Anza-Borrego to Antelope Valley and beyond with a color display made for Monet, Mother Nature is taking her 2019 wildflower extravaganza into the mountains. As a Travel + Leisure writer put it, “California’s lesser-known wildflower bloom will erupt in the state’s higher elevations, with plenty of colorful florals served up as a feast for the eyes. Expect rare plants and wildflowers in sunset colors — yellow, orange, red, purple — to dot the Eastern Sierra hillsides and the hiking trails of Mammoth Lakes.”
The reason for this second act is simple: Even though California’s wildflower season typically runs in early spring, this year’s snowfall bounty is keeping the higher elevations refrigerated for now, ensuring an explosion of colorful flowers on mountain slopes and Sierra valleys in the coming days and weeks as the weather warms up. Forest Service botanists say the blooms could run all summer.
Right now, you can see the progression of blooms from lower to higher altitudes mid-way, showing up in places such as Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta …

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We've got wildflowers in northern California, too! Super blooms spotted at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge… 
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