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Letter: ‘Little House on the Prairie’ farmers not hit by tax

‘Little House on Prairie’
farmers not hit by tax
Re: “Hanson: California’s top income tax make it US’ cannibal state” (Opinion section, April 12):
Among Victor Davis Hanson’s rails against California tax policy is that “Given California’s soaring property values, a new estate tax could force children to sell homes or family farms they inherit just to pay the tax bills.”
What Mr. Hanson does not mention is that any new California estate tax would not impact “Little House on the Prairie”-type farmers. It would hit only the very wealthiest Californians.
Should the children of these rich folks decide to sell a farm or business for tax reasons, they would still have several millions of dollars at their disposal. They would not end up having dinner at soup kitchens.
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In short, Mr. Hanson doesn’t need to insult his readers. He can make reasonable arguments against the estate tax (federal or state), but while also respecting readers’ intelligence.
Andrew Dhuey
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