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Letter: Is this threat of planet’s ecological holocaust fiction — or fact?

Ecological holocaust of the
planet fiction or nonfiction?
Re: “Re: “Latest global threat — extinction” (Page A1, May 8):
They ignored the warnings of the planet. Even as the symptoms became evident, they continued on their course toward destruction. They expanded into more and more critical areas with a complete disregard for the environment.
One species after another disappeared and the chain that linked life became fractured. Areas once rich with life became deserts, while others were inundated with floods. Ecosystems were destroyed by the efforts of a planet trying to stabilize itself.
The warnings were no longer symptoms, but instead the throes of death. The desecration had begun.
Sound all too familiar? This was written in a 1990 sci-fi novel about another race and their planet’s ecological holocaust.
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There, but for the grace of god, we go.
Walter Chapman
Los Altos
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