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Sacramento Man Facing Federal Charges For Dropping Leaflets Via Drone Over Levi Stadium

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The man suspected of using a drone to drop anti-media, Nazi-themed fliers on a Sacramento State event on Guy West Bridge and the Golden 1 Center is now facing federal charges, but not for what he did in Sacramento.
(credit: Dom Vitiello/@THESTATEHORNET)
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Tracy Mapes of Sacramento is facing charges of violating National Defense Airspace for doing a drone drop over Bay Area football games nearly two years ago, in November of 2017. He was arrested for flying a drone over Levi Stadium and dropping anti-media leaflets.
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Mapes could face up to a year in federal custody and have to pay a $100,000 fine.
Sacramento State president Robert S. Nelsen confirmed that a drone dropped nazi propaganda during the Sacramento State Farm to Fork dinner on the Guy West Bridge on May 3.
No arrests were made for the May 3 event.

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